Blog of Interest is an ever growing, ever changing creature. New original content is always being worked on to delight and entertain. Here is a list of what we’ve got to offer so far:

Dear Aunt Madge…

Dear Aunt Madge

Dear Aunt Madge is Blog of Interest’s way of keeping our dear Aunt Madge (and you) up to date with all the things that are going on here. If there’s a new feature, some strange goings on, or just the occasional status update from time to time you can be sure we’ll let Aunt Madge know about it.

Gay Lasery Beats

Gay Lasery Beats

Gay Lasery Beats is our feature on all things gay and/or lasery in music. Different bands will be featured as a sort of guide book for those who love homosexual music but may not make it down to Woody’s every night of the week.

It’s British!

It’s British!

This feature is all about British comedy on television. Series will be introduced and discussed as we share our love of English television with you.

Good Morning Sunshine

If I’m up and about early in the morning (good luck if it’s not a work day) and I have some sort of brain function, I try to greet the day with a Good Morning Sunshine post. Just a little something to get you on your way to an interesting sort of day.

Nightmare Fuel

Sometimes before sleep you need a little something to put the terror into you. That’s why we have Nightmare Fuel, to insidiously plant images and ideas into your subconscious before sleep in the hopes of making you wet the bed with fright. What can I say, I got a deal with a mattress maker who says he’ll pay a grand for every pee soaked mattress that comes his way. At least…he said he was a mattress maker. Didn’t see any replacement mattresses though…damn Craigslist ads.

99 Problems

Problems, we’ve all got em. Seems like the more money we come across, the more of them we see. Unfortunately, they also come sans money too. 99 Problems is our dedication to those with problems that are probably a lot worse, or at least more unusual than yours.


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