Onr crazy night on Tatooine...

Feral Fish is a robot living in a human body. He surfs all over the various internets and passes on some of his choicest findings to you. So in effect, Blog of Interest is kind of like The Deadliest Catch, but of the internet. Yeah, I don’t really like The Deadliest Catch either…


So what is the internet? No one knows really, but scientists speculate that to expose yourself to it for too long can cause your testicles to explode, even if you don’t have testicles. So it’s probably best to leave the heavy duty work to the experts here at Blog of Interest. We have special pants for this kind of thing.

It it time for french fries now?

So just sit back, and enjoy. Blog of Interest will bring you all sorts good stuff. Share some with your friends! Or be greedy and keep it all for you! Blog of Interest doesn’t care! Just as long as the spice keeps flowing.


  1. OMG is this actually feral fish? OMG so like I can say I had correspondence with the blog of interest guy! omg omg well n e ways i just wanted to say blog of interest rox my sox! in fact im pretty sure even my shoes are being affected. keep it 1337, but more importantly, keep it 337.

    your biggest fan,

    ps. i think i might actually be your cousin. more on this as therapy progresses.

  2. Can you imagine the PR problems you’ll have if it’s found out feral fish is related to… that guy. Deny till you Die fish

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