Posted by: feralfish | June 7, 2008

Sex: The City

This morning I was moving copies of the Sex and The City movie around my theatre. They’re absolute behemoths and I got to wondering…what the hell is going on in all that film? Well…this is the result.

It’s a Ficlet, from the site of the same name. You can write sequels and prequels at any point along the time line of the original story (on your own or other peoples’ stories as well). I figure if Wil Wheaton says it’s good stuff, I’m willing to give it a try. So here is my…uh…parody(?) of Sex and the City, Sex: The City. There are several sequels and also one far flung prequel. I’ve never used the site before so I dunno if a story about giant sentient vaginae will go over too well. So check it out while it still exists! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

Car-rai walked her mech over to the large tank full of pinkish red fluid and attached a tube from the underside of her chassis to it. Replenishing her cosmo fluid, that would make her feel better. She turned the dial on the tank and fluid washed into her stasis tank. Sweet cosmopolitan, Car-rai wiggled the vestigial feet in the Manolo shoes, attached to the bottom of her giant vagina body and let the fluid wash through her tank.

UPDATE: Looks like you have to register to see it since it’s mature. Lame. Registration is pretty simple since they use OpenID or your AIM name (everyone’s got an old one of them hanging around, right?) but…meh. I’ll have to see about posting it elsewhere, meh.

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