Posted by: feralfish | June 6, 2008

Zombie Playground By Jason Chan

click picture for bigness

Holy. Crap. This picture by Jason Chan absolutely blows my mind! The amount of activity and story he’s managed to pack in to one image is insane! It also LOOKS fantastic too, he’s a hell of an artist. Plus, I mean…come on, it’s zombies! So it’s already on the right track towards win in my book. You can check out his blog here and some of his older work in the gallery section there. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks Need Coffee!

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  1. […] They really need to make a movie about kids fighting off zombies. This work is by Jason Chen via blogofinterest. […]

  2. Indeed, awesome pictures ! It’s looks like “Left4Dead” from Valve but for Wii !

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