Posted by: feralfish | June 6, 2008

Age of Conan Horse Fun

I’m very on the fence about Age of Conan. On the one hand, it looks fantastic and I’m a big fan of Conan books, movies, comics, etc. On the other, it looks like a time sink and I already have a WOW account that eats money every month and NEVER gets played (not to mention a million other things that I should be doing). However…after seeing this, well. It’s most certainly a check in the plus column. Any game where you can boot people off of cliffs with a horse is alright by me. Now, if you can also punch a camel or a horse in the face THEN I’ll be totally sold!

via: Rock Paper Shotgun

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  1. Just be careful. There are a lot of bugs, and a lot of balance issues. (Especially for Necromancers and Assassins.)

    You’ll also need a beefy computer to run it decently if you keep the particles turned on at a long distance.

    It’s fun enough to keep me playinig, but it’s that “It’ll get better and I’ll do what I can for now” kind of fun.

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