Posted by: feralfish | May 30, 2008

“Glass beads or gtfo!”

In a palm-hut encampment, members of an “uncontacted” Amazon tribe fire arrows at an airplane above the rain forest borderlands of Peru and Brazil earlier this month. The black and red dyes covering their bodies are made from crushed seeds and are believed to signal aggression, native-rights experts say.

Previously unseen, airplane hunting tribesmen in Peru? Crazy stuff. The question is do you leave them be (and make them miss out on the season premiere of Venture Brothers?!), stop by to say howdy and bring them an ipod (and all our diseases that they have no immunity to), or what? If you’d like to read a bit more about this find National Geographic has the original article here and the BBC has a breakdown of the image (with one of the whole settlement as well) here.

Thanks Boing Boing.

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  1. This is Crazy .. I m wondering who is the one with black color .. maybe their leader

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