Posted by: feralfish | May 29, 2008

Cutsey romance moment turns to perverty horror

So my girlfriend messages me on MSN from school, and apparently doesn’t get my first greeting message. I always send her “You!” as kinda a nice little greeting. I’ve always done it.

Well, she says to me that I didn’t say “YOU!” as a greeting. I tell her I did, but she doesn’t believe me.

So I take a screenshot of the conversation to prove that I did.

The screen shot is sent. Then a sinking feeling.

Unfortunately the image that goes along with this is a bit too big to give you the whole thing here, so you’re going to have to click here for it. I assure you that this short tale of digital woe is well worth it. If you MUST be convinced further then click through for a spoiler…

Oh yeah. Hilarity.

Thanks My Confined Space.

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  1. Pretty much he’s only screwed if what’s in that folder actually IS shemale stuff.

    He COULD lie and tell her it’s a folder full of documents for his class with Dr. Shemale (pronounced “che-mall-lay”). Eh? Good one?

  2. @Matt:

    Unfortunately, he also posted on the internet about his terror at his girlfriend discovering his love for ladies with penis parts. Whatever he says, I think it’s gonna get back to the girl eventually if she hasn’t already seen. I guess in some small way I’m helping that by posting it here!

    I think he just needs to own it. Tell her “Yeah baby, I love lady wieners!” and go from there. More likely I think he and her will never mention it and it will be a “does she know? does he know I know? does she know I know she knows?” sort of thing hanging over them until one or both of them snap or till she busts out a strap-on one night, points at him, and says “YOU!”

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