Posted by: feralfish | May 27, 2008

God of War: A Rock Opera

This video here isn’t bad but it gave me an idea…God of War…THE ROCK OPERA! The very concept is nearly enough to melt your face. Forget any movie talk crap, a God of War movie is nothing compared to a bald painted man belting out heavy hair metal while flinging around fake blood and intestines. The sets could be epic full of giant moving adversaries for the Ghost of Sparta to eviscerate. The story is big and bold, ripe with opportunity to burst into fits of rocking out (maybe even fit a ballad in there, for the ladies). And of course let’s not forget the Chains of Olympus…as a guitar! It will shoot flames.

That’s it. I’ve done my part, the idea is out there and I’ve even photoshoped up an awful poster. Now it’s up to you musically talented people. Go forth and rock…and don’t forget to kick a brotha a buck or two once you make your first million.

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  1. I dont now the website

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