Posted by: feralfish | May 14, 2008

We’re all made of meat: Mmm, faces

via: Boing Boing (link to user’s Flickr)

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  1. I saw these scary baloney faces in Scotland on a trip I took a few years ago. I was told by my native guide that during December they make baloney that has a green Xmas tree in the middle. How nasty!

    I assure you, this crap tastes as hideous as it looks.

  2. […] with a face is always good. But This place has taken it one step further. Food with a face, meet food that is a face. With the simple addition of not only a face, but a clown face, you can attack your cold cuts with […]

  3. @jimsmuse:

    I think they call them “Billy Rolls” which is so delightfully awful as a name. It sounds both dirty and juvenile at the same time.

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