Posted by: feralfish | April 24, 2008

Play Me: Yetisburg

Four Score and Seven Yetis Ago…

On the bloody fields of Pennsylvania in 1863, two great armies collided to decide the fate of a nation. The South rose, and the North responded with fervent mettle.

At the forefront of the battle stood the mighty Yetis, white-furred giants imported from the wilds of Canada to shred the opposing front lines. The great generals strode through the battle lines, engineering the destruction of the opposing forces while powerful mastodons hurled bombs into the fray.

Yetisburg is a fast-paced, two-player card game where the South is pitted against the North in brutal battle.

    Yetisburg contains:

  • Two decks of 55 cards each
  • 60 tokens
  • One rule booklet

Yetisburg—This War’s Anything but Civil.

It’s a card game, about the Civil War fought with Yetis. Still not convinced? Check out this letter from the front. The game isn’t out till June but you can preorder it at Paizo Publishing‘s site here. Uh…pick me up one too, I’ve got no moneys. I can’t speak for the gameplay but, well, it’s called Yetisburg! It’s gotta be good!

Spotted on Progressive Ruin.

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