Posted by: feralfish | April 24, 2008

Does He-man touch you?

HA HA HA…molestation!

While laughing at this I had some realizations. First off was that as laughable as this PSA is it most likely saved some poor kid from continued molestation. That freaked me out a little. But you go, Eternians, if it did! And secondly, it seems like television doesn’t raise kids as well as it used to. I couldn’t watch cartoons for five minutes back in the 80s without some cartoon celebrity or random schmuck telling me not to shoot guns, eat drugs, or let someone touch my pee pee in a car. Where have all the PSAs gone?

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  1. […] or not, this is just plain creepy. Remember kids, He-man says if a grownup touches your no-no bits, tell your rabbi. I could listen to He-man talk about rabbis […]

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