Posted by: feralfish | April 16, 2008

Pig-butt worm

Yes, that’s it’s name. Also known as the Flying Buttock. It’s Latin name is Chaetopterus pugaporcinus which roughly translates to “resembling a pig’s rump”. Lovely creature, isn’t it? It catches food with a cloud of mucus that surrounds it’s mouth! Don’t you just love the diversity of nature and how it seems to strive to produce as many juvenile giggles as possible for us? Thanks Nature!

And thanks Coilhouse too.

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  1. is… is it a metroid?

  2. @lee

    I hope not, because I don’t think Samus Aran has been born yet and who else do you know who can deal with those things?

  3. Madea…

  4. Ernie…

    A metroid?
    Nahhh…looks more like an assteroid. hahaha

  5. Oh My God, just tell me how to stay away from it1

  6. @Joey Bagadonuts:

    :drum snare:


    No chance, it’s coming for you. In the night. When you sleep.

  7. i heard they actually smell wonderful. totally didn’t expect that one

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