Posted by: feralfish | April 10, 2008

How many cannibals could you feed?

Find out here! I clock in at a whopping 16 cannibals! Yummy down on this, you crazy people eaters! I’m pretty happy about that from a Stanger in a Strange Land, groking sort of way. Not so much in a “fatass chowing down on a meatball sandwich while reading it” kind of way.

Thanks Evolve Happy. Do these jeans make me look fat?

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  1. I refuse to let myself be fed to a bunch of cannibals unless Gordon Ramsay is responsible for overseeing the preparation.

    I would be honored to be puked up by him into the nearest garbage can while he yells, “Fuck me! That is the worst bicep kebab I’ve ever tasted!”

  2. @jimsmuse
    I’m pretty sure it’s a challenge this season. I refuse to believe that the man doesn’t at least know how to properly butcher a human for eating. He cooks British food for Christ’s sake. You’d be lucky if the only off thing you found in that was a toe.

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