Posted by: feralfish | April 7, 2008

It’s on, donkey!

First they announce an Iron Chef game for the Wii and now this?! Oh hell the hell yeah. I’m awful in the kitchen in real life (I’ve ruined minute rice before) but this I can handle. All I need now are a Top Chef game and a Last Restaurant Standing game and then I’m all set.

Thanks Yes, But No, But Yes.

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  1. Wow. This is like Diner Dash for masochists! I love it!

  2. @jimsmuse:
    I’m convinced it’s like The Last Starfighter and if you do really well Gordon Ramsey will kick in your door and start screaming at you in real life about how shit your risotto is. And then I guess you’ll have to cook with him to save the world or something.

  3. What a wondrous idea! You rock, dude.

  4. Get. Out. Of. Here.

    Not only did I DVR Hell’s Kitchen and watch it again yesterday evening, I actually dreamt I was on it last night (it had to be a dream – Ramsey actually liked me).

    Then jimsmuse tells me to come here… and low and behold, more HK. This could be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen anywhere at any time in the entire universe.

  5. @Scottie
    Chef Ramsey sort of freaks me out a little more when he’s being nice. Like on Kitchen Nightmares when he’s helping people it just sort of seems unnatural and scary. Like when your father has a beard all his life and then he shaves it off one day and just comes down to breakfast. It makes your brain hurt a little. Whenever I see nice Ramsey I just want him to throw some chicken at the wall to ease my mind a little.

  6. I saw him with his hot wife and adorable kids on ‘The F Word’ a few weeks ago. It did creep me out that he was being so sweet but I wondered…what does he say to those kids when they spill stuff on the carpet? That is something I’d definitely like to see.

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