Posted by: feralfish | April 7, 2008

Down by the river

The tale of epic failure in this series of images cracked me up. Click through to see the rest after the jump.

via: Dark Roasted Blend

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  1. […] Hier. Mach mal. Is´ lustig. Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden und mit anderen teilen können. […]

  2. LOL
    Video or it didn’t happen.

  3. This is pretty old, and it is partially faked.

    Look at the 4th photo and the last photo. The small white boat magically re-appears in the same place next to the little red tugboat, and the guy in the T-shirt on the bank is in the same pose.

  4. @mcload
    Awww, damn. I guess it’s still a fail, but not as epic as I’d have liked. I think I go push some cars into the river now in retribution.

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