Posted by: feralfish | April 3, 2008

Dear Aunt Madge: Social Bookmarking

Dear Aunt Madge…

Dear Aunt Madge,

Howdy, Aunt Madge, it’s good old Fishie writing you again. I just wanted to drop a brief line to let you know that I’m going to be attempting a few minor changes her at my blog on the internets. But don’t be alarmed, mostly I just want to see if I can get in on that social bookmarking thing that all the interneters are all into these days. Those kooky kids. I was hoping to put a new coat of paint on the old blog too, but, well, we’ll see about all that…Wish me luck, Auntie!


Feral Fishie

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  1. […] it looks like the social bookmarking is going down a treat! So I guess it’s time for another experiment, this time with Twitter. I […]

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