Posted by: feralfish | March 29, 2008

Feral Fish

For any who may have wondered, this is the type of thing my namesake is all about. This nasty little guy is called a giant snakehead. He’s an aquarium fish, illegally released out into the wild in Britan. A feral fish. Feral fish are a bad sort of thing as they tend to mess up the whole natural dynamic of the water they’re released in, often times driving the natural species out of the area, into extinction, or just generally tossing things all out of whack.

This nasty thing eats anything it comes across, has been reported to kill people, and can “crawl” it’s way up onto the land where it can live for up to 4 days. It’s native to south east Asia so needless to say the Brits aren’t entirely happy to find one in their waters.

I took on the name a while back because I find the idea, though terrible on an environmental level, hilarious. The thought of somebody dropping a little goldfish or something into a pond which then winds up destroying the whole ecosystem just cracks me up. Aquatic apocalypse via guppy.

Snakehead story and picture via The Presurfer.

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