Posted by: feralfish | March 28, 2008

Why a giant space monster always gotta be hate’n?

Can’t a brotha get his mack on in space without a giant ass space monsta hate’n on his pimp rocket? Got damn! I got 3 more payments on that shit!

More interplanetary playa hate’n from Warren Ellis.

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  1. Why oh why did you make Neil Burnside the Leader?


  2. @Jeremy Kareken
    I’m pretty sure if anyone is the leader in that situation there it’s the lady in the fancy hat. I’m pretty sure she’s in his ear whispering:

    “Shoot it! Shoot it now god damnit! Shoot it before it knocks the Eddie Bauer logo off the fucking side! I didn’t pay extra for the fancy model to have it lose the logo! Oh give me the damn gun!”

    She kinda looks like a pain in the ass.
    Also, I’ve heard of but never seen The Sandbaggers. 😦

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