Posted by: feralfish | March 28, 2008

Pew pew!

Sorta racist stuffed Mexican six-shooters? Hell yes. Pedro here and his partner Poncho are forthcoming products from artist team-up Switcheroo.

via: Albotas

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  1. I wonder why they decided to make Poncho sad… That said, I want one.

  2. @Zack
    He knows he was designed to kill but all he wants to do is partido todo la noche y sueño todo el dia. All he wanted was that simple life but instead he’s a death dealer, his very existence, the reason for his creation, is to snuff out the existence of others, to end god’s creations. The conflict is tearing him apart inside. He doesn’t even have the mental capacity to begin to deal with the internal struggle. That’s also why he wears the hat, so he can pull it down and hide his tears every time he ends a life.

    Pedro on the other hand is a fucking maniac. Bloodshed makes his dick hard and bullets are his spunk.

    One Happy Gun, One Sad Gun. I think Joseph Campbell wrote a book about it.

  3. This is pretty pringles

  4. @feralfish

    Ok, NOW i definitely want one.

  5. @Jesse
    It’s SO Pringles. Curley mustache and all. Fuck the Knicks.

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