Posted by: feralfish | March 25, 2008

The Pope’s Throne

another view


via: Ectoplasmosis


  1. That is not the papal throne. That is a chair on stage at the John XXIII reception hall (auditorium) in the Vatican where the pope delivers press conferences. The chair gets rolled in and rolled out.

    The background is rather ugly and modern, but it isn’t a throne room or part of some scary throne.

  2. @asimplesinner
    That’s good at least, I couldn’t see him sitting in front of that thing all the time, eating wheat thins and doing all his pope stuff. It is freaky but damn if it’s not impressive, not bad if you want to inspire a little awe when you talk to the heathen media.

  3. wheat thins… hehehe

    I think the backdrop isn’t quite old enough or ugly enough to love yet. The line from the movie “Chinatown” comes to mind – “Ugly buildings, politicians and whores all become respectable with age!”

    I look at it and just see bad 1970s modern art… 50 years from now it might be seen as “an exceptional example of period art” sigh.

    For the record, the only papal throne is the chair he sits on in his basilica when saying Mass… When he recieves people, it is usually in his office… which would probably be about the size of Bill Gates’ broom closet.

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