Posted by: feralfish | March 18, 2008

2 months till time travel and alternate dimensions! …or the end of the world.

This is a small bit of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). What does it do? Well, it accelerates particles mostly but it’s also capable of unleashing forces that can distort both space and time. So yeah, time travel might be possible.

There’s actually all kinds of speculation going on around the LHC. It’s the most complex thing that human beings have ever built and while plenty of thought has gone into it there’s still a tiny bit of “we dunno what’s gonna happen” surrounding it too. Some worry about micro black holes. If those develop they’re pretty sure they’ll decay almost immediately…not, you know, accumulate and devour the earth. Also strangelets could develop and if they came into contact with regular matter the planet could turn into a big lump of strange matter. Or not.

On the plus side, this thing may help us unlock all the mysteries of the universe. So, yay us! This is the stuff science fiction is made of and it’s going online this May, in our very lifetime! Just hope this doesn’t turn out as a real life Black Mesa sort of thing…

Thanks to Dark Roasted Blend for the article and awesome pictures.

Also props to me for staying mature and not pointing out that Large Hadron Collider looks a lot like Large Hard-On Collider…damn it.


  1. Geoffrey Thomas exploring how time works

    The great scientific thinker and hero of the scientific world Albert Einstein did say clocks slow down when we approach the maximum speed of light but only from that point of view. Some of us believe comes to a stop.

    We’d think the extreme velocity of the maximum speed light would produce an ideal G-force distorting space and time catalysis for time travelling.

    However if time slows down approaching the speed of light what does the environment’s point of view see us when we see the environment’s time stopped at the maximum speed of light?

    I’ve been exploring in my bog called (http://) time travel and parallel universe theorie ( how we observe the environment’s time passes when we are at maximum speed of light while the environment we’re observing us speeded time from it’s point of view.

    We observe the hour and minute hands of clocks frozen in time at any given moment just as if we would see if we were at the maximum speed of light observing the environment. Despite “us” seeing the environment frozen in time at the maximum speed of light from “the environment’s point of view” would see us speeded up if we were at the maximum speed of light.

    Something tells us despite the fact the hour and minute hands appear to be frozen in time at any given moment they’re not. It appears the hands are moving though time us observing stopped in time at the same time.

    Yours The explorer of time

    Geoffrey Thomas

  2. @Geoffrey Thomas
    Gracias for the comment.

    I must tell you my theory on time travel discussion. I’ve observed that actual extended conversations on the topic of time travel only happen under the influence of marijuana. I’m not sure what it is about the drug, but I’m pretty sure that when or if time travel is discovered, it will be by a stoner.

    What this means for us is that chances are whoever discovers this ability will only use it to obtain past and future snack food. Comparisons of Dorritos through the ages will be conducted and perhaps even future Dorritos will be brought into the mix.

    There may be a few statements of:

    “Dude, we should go check out, like…Jesus…”


    “Woah woah woah…fucking…dinosaurs!”

    But there will always be someone who gets too paranoid and freaks out about it and so it will never happen.

    Yours the infrequent but occasional explorer of marijuana

    Feral Fish

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