Posted by: feralfish | March 17, 2008

It’s British!: An Introduction

Back during a very strange time in my life, I used to have The Girlfriend over to my apartment from time to time. She wasn’t The Girlfriend at that time though, simply The Work Chum or some equivalent. As a host, I felt the need to entertain my guest but aside from various intoxicants and witty conversation…I had no television (that is to say, no cable or even reliable dvd player). So passive entertainment such as music and video generally played out via my computer which was set up as an odd sort of entertainment center (it was on a desk near the couch). At one point I thought I’d impress her with my worldliness by playing something foreign, something exotic and new that would knock her socks off and let her know what a cultured gentleman I was!

“Uh…I’ve got this show Red Dwarf. I dunno if you’ve ever heard of it, it’s British.”

And she’s never let me live that down. I guess it was a little pretentious of me to assume that no one could have possibly heard of such an obscure and rare show that played on television in far away England…but she had. And she totally called me on my bit of smug superiority. Well played, The Girlfriend, well played. That’s why I love the girl.

Pretentiousness aside, some people really haven’t experienced the wonder that is British comedic television! I’ve recently had great fun sharing several series with friends and family and I have even introduced at least one or two to The Girlfriend, HA HA! She…knew of several that I’d never seen too though…damnit. And so, since I enjoyed sharing Brit TV with them, I thought, why not with the Blog of Interest readers? So I give you the next bit of Blog of Interest original content…It’s British!

It’s British!

We’ll be featuring introductions and small reviews of various British comedy television shows on a…uh…irregular basis, heh. I’m no expert, but I do love British comedy and just want to share my love with you, dear readers. Like some kind of sticky interest orgy. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it and I promise I’ll try not to be a pretentious git!

Thanks for reading,

Feral Fish


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