Posted by: feralfish | March 17, 2008

Gay Lasery Beats: Gravy Train!!!!

Gay Lasery Beats

Guess what time it is, bitches? It’s time for some Gay Lasery Beats!

Gravy Train!!!!, you’ve gotta love a band that contains no less than four exclamation points in their band name. This is really gay music. Really really awesome gay music. I’m pretty sure it was The Girlfriend who introduced me to them and damn what a find. I’m sad to say that I only have Hello Doctor, their first full length album but I hope to remedy that in the future. What I have heard from them I love and I dare you to watch their video for Burger Baby and try to honestly tell me that they’re not fabulous! (video and more under the cut)

That’s the kind of performing that inspires fan creations like this…

Hot? Right? Their latest album just came out last year and it’s called All The Sweet Stuff. I recently saw the first video from the album (it, uh…premiered on LOGO when I saw it…yeah) and it looks like more good stuff from Gravy Train. Check it out:


Gimme Gravy Train!!!!: The band’s offical site. Beware, there’s a floating burger on it…

Gravy Train!!!! on Myspace. Lots of their tracks on there, check out Hella Nervous.


  1. Damn you Harry Potter night… we could have experienced GT!!!! in the flesh!

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