Posted by: feralfish | March 4, 2008

100th post update

Dear Aunt Madge…

Dear Aunt Madge,

Hi, Aunt Madge, it’s me, Fishie. It looks like I’ve already got 100 posts on my blog! My time flies by here on the internet. We’ve also got around about a 100 people a day peeking in! Not much as far as internet standards go, but I’m happy.  If that many people stop by my humble little bit of space and leave with a chuckle a snicker, heck, even a giggle or a guffaw then I’m happy.  As a point of interest, it looks like my most popular posts are about an unconventional fighting style and women’s issues. So I guess that shows my readers are interested both in bettering themselves through martial arts and also female empowerment, right on! I better go now, Aunt Madge. I’ve been a little lax the past few days with my posting, and I’m sure my readers are just dying for more fresh content!


Feral Fishie

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