Posted by: feralfish | February 26, 2008

Gay Lasery Beats: The Scissor Sisters

I love gay music. It’s true, you could plug my mp3 player in at a gay club, put it on random, and it could rock that shit out until closing time. That being said, I consider myself a pretty much straight male and I absolutely completely can not dance a step at all. But for some reason, I can’t get enough of those thumping gay, lasery beats. So instead of trying to break myself of the addiction, I’ll simply pass it on so it doesn’t seem as weird…

Welcome to Blog of Interest’s first original content feature!

Gay Lasery Beats

This installment will look at the band that I think started it all for me, The Scissor Sisters. Before I heard them I’d say I listened some slightly gay music but that most of it could be passed off as at least kind of straight. Techno and electronic stuff, but I mean hey, The Matrix was cool, right? I guess I was bi-curious about my music at that time in my life. But the moment I heard The Scissor Sisters that all changed. I became a full on music fag that very instant.


Just look at them! The band radiates pure homosexual energy, like some kind of homo super nova! But listening is believing, take a look at this clip of the video for their first single…

Fabulous! I was instantly hooked. The band hasn’t had a whole lot of success here in America but they’re huge in Europe, especially in Brittan where their self titled debut album was 2004’s best seller. There’s some great stuff on there including an awesome disco cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

Their follow up album, Ta-Dah, came out in 2006 and also didn’t fail to rock my world. The band colaborated with Elton John, a dream come true for them, on two of the tracks. Both the first single and the album reached number one on the UK charts. It’s hot shit, people. I can’t wait for the next album which they’ll be starting work on in 2009 I believe.

I hope everyone enjoyed our first installment of Gay Lasery Beats. I’ll leave you now with The Scissor Sister’s awesome live performance of I Don’t Feel Like Dancing at the Brit Awards.

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