Posted by: feralfish | February 25, 2008

Save vs. Geekgasm

 Does this skirt hide my giant penis well enough?

As I’m sure all the cool kids know, Dungeons and Dragons is coming out in it’s 4th iteration. This one is going to have all sorts of technology coming out along with it to facilitate playing long distance while still allowing things like physical representation of maps, props, and little miniature dudes with swards of killing +9. Boing Boing has some gallery shots of the new character creation and mapping software. As someone who has never played face to face D&D (with all it’s interesting smells, I’m sure) and has only ever used the internet for geeking out, I’m excited. Not so much for the ideas, which aren’t that new, but because it means there may be a whole new generation of nerds out there to play with. Huzzah!

Now will I actually make the time to play again…well, we’ll see about that…

via: Boing Boing

also previously they had some video of nerds showing the software off a little here.

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