Posted by: feralfish | February 24, 2008

In Space Russia, spaceship flies you!

What’s this all about then?

The cut you’re seeing was developed by Ukrainian TV-channel Inter (you can see their logo in upper conner). The basic plot is around “Cosmovision” (like Eurovision) – a space station announces this contest, which everyone can attend to, but Mumiy Troll aren’t invited. So they get pissed off and decide to hijack the station. Their leader in the beginning says (in rhyhm) “We are trying to attend that Cosmovision for 200 years, and all we get – being called “non format”. We’ll show you what is “non format”, what is showbiz, arghhh!”.
And the song itself is about getting high. “Когда тебя вставляет, ты вставляешся” – When you get plugged-in, you get plugged in. To get plugged-in means to get high with drugs or alcohol.

Oh dear. The kids are on the drugs or alcohol even in Space Russia.
via: i09

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