Posted by: feralfish | February 24, 2008

Hey kids, hate these people!

Here’s a Japanese cartoon from 1934 where a bunch of peaceful critters on an island are suddenly attacked by Micky Mouse (yes that one) and his army of evil! I love to see adults spinning propaganda to kids via their entertainment. Look out for Power Rangers: Anti-Terrorism Force coming this fall! With special “temporary” legislative powers! “Temporary” special legislative powers to KICK TERRORIST* ASS!!! EXTREME!!! DORITOS**!!!

* terrorist denotes any person slightly more brown than your average republican, this does not include spray tan orange people, who are honest god fearing Americans.

** snack strong!

Thanks, Need Coffee.


  1. Friends, I am just here to say this: Extreme Doritos. If they were any more extreme they would get out of the pantry in the middle of the night and smother your children with pillows then leave you with the blame. Because I mean…Doritos don’t leave fingerprints, do they? Snack strong, yes…but snack safe. (PSA music here.)

  2. If there were ever a snack capable of murder (and I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary on this issue) it would be Doritos. Never have I seen a more unstable looking snack product, it’s packaging seems to scream of madness.

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