Posted by: feralfish | February 22, 2008



My little sister used to watch Maury a lot.

It seems like very few people on his show can pronounce his name correctly, I’ve heard everything from “Marry”, “Murry”, “Moeree”, even just “Murr”.

I once had a fictional clip of someone saying “Murry” and then Maury getting hit in the head with a bagel playing nearly constantly over and over again in my head once for over a week. I thought I might very seriously need some sort of help, not in a funny manner but in an “Oh shit” kind of way. I didn’t tell anyone about it though because it was already an odd sort of time in my life.

Murry clip went away, but still comes back sometimes whenever I see or hear Maury Povich.

Thanks to The Girlfriend for the clip.

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