Posted by: feralfish | February 21, 2008

Making babies in all kinds of crazy science ways.


i09 has blogged about a bunch of crazy new ways that science is developing for making little humans in the near future.

First off there’s the news that scientists were able to science up the first viable human embryo. Made from DNA from a gentleman’s skin cells injected into an egg cell, the embryo grew to the multi-celled level that they would use to implant in a fertility clinic. Now they’re not going to do that, because it would be completely illegal (at this point anyway), but they are hoping to use this technique in order to make stem cells for therapeutic purposes. The write up is pretty interesting and the entry goes further to detail the legal ramifications of human cloning and several of the comments posted get into some of the logistical problems we still have before we start churning out the clone armies.

Next we’ve got crazy news for all those lesbians out there who don’t want to get any wieners or wiener juices involved in their procreation. Those science types were able to take the DNA of two lady mice and create a baby with no males involved at all. Pretty crazy stuff, the idea of a future where man goo is a novelty item, for recreational purposes only.

And last but not least, perhaps you have several people who you’d like to combine into a baby? Science has got you covered (in three to five years). Scientists are working on perfecting combining the DNA from two mothers and one father. Mostly this is being developed as a work around to deal with possible genetic diseases from the one mother’s mitochondrial DNA but if you’re a polyamorous family who all want to have a genetic stake in a baby this is a potential way to go.

Also I’d like to note that my spell check doesn’t recognize either mitochondrial or polyamorous. For shame!

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