Posted by: feralfish | February 19, 2008

You really hiccup because you’re full of sin.

Well, I don’t know what the church has to say about it but apparently a mister Neil Shubin, in his book Your Inner Fish , says that we hiccup because we all evolved from amphibians! I know, crazy right? Here’s what The Guardian has to say on the matter in their review:

Spasms in our diaphragms, hiccups are triggered by electric signals generated in the brain stem. Amphibian brain stems emit similar signals, which control the regular motion of their gills. Our brain stems, inherited from amphibian ancestors, still spurt out odd signals producing hiccups that are, according to Shubin, essentially the same phenomenon as gill breathing.

Ain’t that some shit?

via:Boing Boing

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